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What is Mark Ryden Backpacks's History?

Mark Ryden Backpack was founded on the principle that style shouldn't come at a price. Over time, we've come to realize that people don't just buy any backpack; they buy a backpack that has a personalized history about it.

Take for an example the watch company, Eone. They've been producing masterfully designed watches for years. But it's not only the beautifully designed Bradley timepieces that grab potential buyer's attention. Eone has a very special meaning behind the design.

Hyungsoo Kim was a graduate student at MIT. He noticed his friend couldn't tell time (and it wasn't because he was blind). Hyungsoo dreamed up his own watch, a watch that can help the visually impaired all across the world. With that Eone was born, and they now sell their watches worldwide. 

We've learned from Eone when we were starting out. We wanted to reinvent the wheel. We wanted to create a backpack with a meaning that transcends cultures, something everyone could understand. We created Mark Ryden Backpack.

Our meaning? Create a backpack that defends against the toughest elements of nature. This includes water, snow, electricity, and most importantly, HANDS (Thieves).

Thieves were the biggest problem in our city. Pickpockets are rampant and crimes soared in our every growing metropolitan area. Why? Because backpacks are easy targets. Tourists wear their backpacks with no care in the world. Little do they know that crime is circling above them, like a vulture circle around its prey. 

We've seen it many times and we want to put a stop to it. Thus we created an anti-theft backpack that is virtually unbreakable. Your contents will be safe and you can rest assured knowing that you've finally found a backpack that always has your back! 

We've also added Mark Ryden USB charging features because that was one of the biggest problems that we faced growing up. Dead batteries are too common so we added a USB port for your convenience. Now your phone will never die! When you need to charge up your phone, easily plug in your USB charging cable into the side and watch your baby charge up in no time! 

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