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How to prevent yourself from being pickpocked




Looking to travel, but not sure how to prevent yourself from being a target by crafty pickpockets? Unfortunately, there are only a few things you can do to prevent your personal belongings from being taken. Below we’ll list some actionable tips and products that can help protect you from thieves.

Tourists nowadays are easy targets for native thieves who know all the popular tourist areas. Usually, thieves operate in groups that are specially trained to distract and take advantage of unsuspecting and compassionate travelers.

When looking for a potential victim, thieves will “mark” their targets and spread out in formation to set the distraction and theft in motion. Thieves are experts in understanding their potential victims behavior and belongings before “marking” their victim.

Once your “marked” there is very little you can do. This is because many of these thieves in highly populated tourists areas have most likely been in operation for years, developing hundreds of highly skilled tactics in order to deceive and take advantage of their victims.

Any skilled thieve or team of thieves does this exact same thing. So the point becomes not what can you do to prevent your goods from being stolen, but what can you do to not be “marked.”

1). Wear your bag/backpack in front of you

This is a great way to prevent your belongings from stolen. For one, you will always have your backpack in front of you so you can easily see any thieves trying to pickpocket something from your backpack.

Just take a look at our MARK RYDEN High Capacity Backpack. With it’s cutting edge and stylish Anti Theft design, it’s hard to argue whether or not this backpack will deter thieves. This backpack is meant to be worn in front of you so it’s perfect for keeping any eye on your things!

You might ask how is the material of the backpack is. What we can say is that this backpack is waterproof, preventing water and moisture from seeping into the interior of your mark ryden bag. This technology was developed in an anti theft testing facility in sunnyside Los Angeles, California. With consumer interest in mind, this bag can withstand all of mother nature forces, including rapid snowfall, torrential hail, breakage from high winds, and destructive lightning.

2). Wear a bag/backpack that has zippers that face your back

This anti theft prevention was something that we initially came up, in our testing facility. Why not make a backpack that has zippers that face towards your back so that you can only open your backpack when your backpack is not on your back. It’s an ingenious idea that led to an innovative design that has since been extremely popular in the anti theft market.


Take our popular mark ryden anti theft backpack that has sold thousands worldwide, the Mark Ryden Original Anti Theft Backpack. With its back facing opening, this backpack has a diverse set of extremely useful features. The backpack itself is 15.6 inches which is roomy enough to store your laptop, textbooks, books, tablets, clothes, and a whole assortment of items.

Hidden Pockets

Now all backpacks have pockets, but what makes our backpack’s pockets special?

They’re hidden.

Our brand is synonymous with theft prevention. That’s why we invented invisible pockets that only you know where they are. You can easily hide important small items such as a subway card or a card that you use everyday at a coffee shop. Regardless, this feature should be noted as it has the potential to change the way you operate on a daily basis.

USB Charging

As if that weren’t enough, all of our backpacks have an integrated USB charging port. Why?

Because we know you’re a phone guzzler.

Let’s face it. You probably are on your phone at least 20% or more during your waking area. How many hours of those are on a transportation vehicle for travel? Or perhaps walking from one tourist destination to another.

Whether you like or not, phones are here to stay and you’ll more than likely be using it more often than not. With our busy busy lives, it only makes sense that you’ll have a backpack that looks out for you like your Mark Ryden Backpack.

To set up, just attach a USB cable, (preferably, apple or micro USB for android) to your backpacks USB port. Then place your power bank in the backpack’s inside pocket and watch your phone charge like magic. You can place the phone in the your pocket as it’s charging so you can easily use it as it’s charging!

Anti Theft Backpacks are the next big thing in the backpack industry, especially with the rise of the consumer spending and travel. Always remember to protect what belongs to you and remember the information and tips stated in this article.


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